Love and Pride Review 2015

Love and Pride Review is a website that is dedicated to equal rights and fairness for all people. For far too many years, persons from the LGBT community’s efforts of self expression and dignity have been ignored, threatened and abused by a culture of bigotry and ignorance. Love and Pride Review celebrates the enormous contributions made by persons who were and are LGBT. Their contributions to the arts and sciences and every field of human endeavor have gifted all of humanity. Thankfully, much progress has been made but there is much to be done to overcome our lack of sensitivity.

Love and Pride Review is also a shopping portal and is an affiliate of Love and Pride, Inc. Companies like Love and Pride are a credit to society. Love and Pride is the brain-child of Udi Behr, considered one of todays most creative and original jewelry designers. Mr. Behr has gained recognition from several magazines for his iconic Love and Pride jewelry, as well as being named a top designer by Luxury Magazine.  Love and Pride Review will continue to post relevant news regarding this company.

In its research, Love and Pride Review found the company contributes 10% of net profits coming from all jewelry revenue to non-profit agencies that bring about a difference for the lesbian and gay communities and develop a society that’s diverse and understanding. Their main gift associate is Lambda Legal, the earliest nationwide group promoting equal rights and civil rights to the LGBT society. They also contribute to the Service Members Legal Defense Network (SLDN), the American group dedicated to helping individuals impacted by the military’s “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy and the Matthew Sheppard Foundation.

Love and Pride is a top quality online jewelry store that has a wide selection of jewelry, accessories and personal items for everybody. I am very proud to be an affiliate of this company through my Love and Pride Review blog.

They also have a unique assortment of wedding rings and jewelry for proposals and weddings for women and men. Their ‘Beauty and Grooming’ area is specifically created where women can locate body-washes, roll-on natural oil, fragrances, massage therapy and body oils, cleansers and many more; Men can look at cleaning and shaving goods, moisture protection products, refresh eye gel, lip balms, body washes, cleansing milk and lots of other products.  Love and Pride Review will continue highlight new and interesting products from the company.

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